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  • What do I need to renew my Jamaican Passport Online?

    You will require the following:
    — A working computer with internet access.
    — A Web Browser. (Internet Explorer between versions 9 and 11, Chrome version 54.0.2840.99)
    — Your current passport
    — A digital passport size photograph stored on computer
    — A valid Master or Visa card for payment
    — A VALID and WORKING EMAIL ADDRESS to receive system-generated messages.
    — A Portable Data Format (PDF) reader
    — A working printer to view and print the system-generated application form in A4-size paper (You may print your application and submit same at any PICA Office in Jamaica)

  • Will I require my Birth Certificate to apply Online?

    You will require information from one of the documents listed below to complete your Online Renewal application. Please ensure that you have the document that applies to you before you start your application. ✓ Jamaican Birth Certificate                - (for persons born in Jamaica)
    ✓ Jamaican Adoption Certificate        - (for persons adopted in Jamaica)
    ✓ Jamaican Citizenship Certificate      - (for persons who acquire citizenship other than birth or adoption).

  • I do not have an email address, what should I do?

    A valid and working email address is very important when renewing your Jamaican passport online.  If you do not have an email address, you may subscribe to any free email service like Yahoo! or Gmail for an email account. Please ensure that you activate your email account prior to using the Online Passport System. PICA will use your email address to send to you pertinent information regarding your application. It may also be used to communicate with you the status of your application and to seek further clarification where necessary about your application.

  • How can I check if my photograph is acceptable?

    We recommend that you use a professional photographer to take your picture. The picture should be saved by the photographer on a USB drive or send to you via email. You will need to then save the photograph in JPEG format to your computer. After which you may visit our online application home page and use our photo checker to test if your picture is acceptable. It may be wise to have the photographer test the picture using our Photo tool before you leave the studio.

  • Can I apply online if I reported my passport lost?

    Sorry, if you have lost your passport you will need to visit one of our offices or the nearest Jamaican Embassy, Consulate or High Commission to submit your application. You may visit our main website, to obtain the application form.

  • MY children are 10 and 15 years respectively, can I renew their passports online?

    Sorry, at this time only the persons renewing a previously issued adult passport can apply online. You will need to visit one of our offices or the nearest Jamaican Embassy, Consulate or High Commission to submit your application. You may obtain the application form on our main website

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